Staterra New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate

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Looking to build some lean muscle mass and get better recovery time? This is the dam fine New Zealand Whey Isolate Protein you have been looking for!
  • Minimum 90% protein content
  • Sourced from New Zealand, the world leader in Whey
  • Cattle are grass fed, allowed to roam and free of recombinant hormones, antibiotics and pesticides
  • Great for increasing lean muscle mass and recovery
  • Helps build and repair body tissues
  • Lactose free
**36 servings per container**
How to take Staterra Whey Isolate:
  • Adults: Take 20-25 grams 1-2 times per day, orally (1 level scoop = 20g, 1 heaping scoop = 25g). Mix product well in 1-2 cups of liquid (water, juice, etc.) immediately before consumption. Take a few hours before or after other medications.

Other Ingredients:

  • Vanilla Flavour: Natural vanilla cream flavour, Musa acuminate (banana) fruit powder, guar gum, Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract, sea salt (sodium chloride), sun flower lecithin.
  • Chocolate Flavour: Cocoa Powder (alkalized), Natural Chocolate Flavour, guar gum, Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract, sea salt (sodium chloride), sunflower lecithin.
  • Unflavoured : sunflower lecithin

Who should not consume this product:

  • Anyone who is on a protein or amino acid limited diet (ex. Liver or kidney disease) should speak to their doctor prior to use.
  • In addition, anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should also speak to a healthcare practitioner prior to use.
  • Whey protein is derived from milk, so anyone who has difficulties digesting milk or a dairy allergy should not use this product.
  • This product is virtually lactose free. Whey isolate can be difficult to digest for sensitive individuals and could cause mild digestive disturbances .


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